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Vase «Stream».2000. Dark quarts.Size17sm.
Converting.2000. Quartz from flint. Size 5,1sm.
The more a difference is between a declared morality and a morality of some personalities, the more one has chances for redistributing a material welfare.
Any religion is a world outlook, any world outlook is a religion.
Vase «Thought».2000. charoite.Size 10,4sm.
Almost perception.2000. Sphere of quartz. Size 9,9cm.
The earth is spherical, and there is nothing to do with it. Surely, it is possible to make efforts and make it square, but we shall already be changed and the earth will already be changed.
We often want that we do not need, but we learn about this only after this has happened.
Lassitude.2000. Quarz.Size 5,2sm.
Outwardly impression.2000. Quarz.Size 10sm.
A person is inclined to be have himself\herself in such a way as a certain circle of people expects from him\her.His\her behaviour changes through a channel of expectation of another circle of people without dependence on his\her own mental wishes. It is as if an invisible psi-field from surrounding people predetermines to some extent tis\her behaviour, some aspects of motives of people deeds.
People are inclined to bring the world centre nearer themselves. Possibly, therefore the conception of the end of the world is tempting for sacrificing people to the moral limits. However ,Everybody will have the end of the world, but only at everybody`s time. Does a butterfly know about its condition when it was a caterpillar, chrysalis and had another life?
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