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Thinking stone. 2000. Tourmaline. Size 4,8sm.
Sanspot.2000. Moss agate.Size 7sm.
Truth is a level of faith, threshold of the depth of consideration of a question, the most possible thing with the borders of conditions. Truth is an image usedby many people connected with one system of outlook. Truth is an island in this sea until this sea is and the island itself does not disapper.
A person will as far represent interests of others, as he\she is bound with obligations with dependence on others.Therefore,no matter from what high tribune one proclaims that your interests are represented, ask your self a question: haw far really can you influence on a speaker? Then, truth of what is proclaimed will be clear. And do not please yourself with illusions.
Panther.2000.Moss agate.Size 18sm.
Sceptic.2000. Phantom dark quarz,quarz. Size 9sm.
Unfortunately, a human being of intellect is not spread in the world, but a human being of moochingenry is spred. Possibly, many misfortunes of humanity are from there.
Every person is a prince of a kingdom which he\she does not know about, but if guesses, then does not know where it is. Dig inside yourself.
Crinkle brain.2000. Tourmaline.Size 7sm.
Высота7,5см.Romanticist.2000. Quarz,rhodonite,gade. Size 7,5sm.
Any opinion of a certain person about something is two-edged in that sense that as far a claim for independence of his\her opinion is strong, as this opinion characterizes a personality, speaker, and an object in the last place.
Your soul was given from your birth for use, it is only possible to permit turning it over for use to another place, but it is very painful and a result is not forecast for you. However, it cannot by yours. At the best you will only think as much.
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