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I was born in 1956, the town of Sukhoy Log, Sverdlovsk region, the Middle Ural of Russia. In 1973 I have finished school. After school I worker as a construction worker in the city of Sverdlovsk: painting, concrete, brick jobs. In 1974 entered the Sverdlovsk Institute of Mines, geophusics faculty.There I were devoted to Speleolog- a lot of gaves in a friendly, kindly compny all around the Ural and the Caucasus.We were in searth to new gaves end I had events. Geophysics praktices to search non-ferrous metals in the trans- polar region and siberia. In 1979 graduated from the institute and was sent to the Far East, in the very centre of the Primorski Territory, the settlement of Roshchino.Three years and three months were devoted to the very interesting independent geophysics researches in searth of tin and tungsten.Observations were meade ofbehaviourof substance in short nuclear radiation,low frequency electric and high frequency radio-weve electromagnetic fields.Measurements, interpretation,reports, charters for drafts.In 1982 I came back to the Ural.Here were continued geophysics activities.I hed researches on different search and explore objects were made to searth non- ferraus metals.The results of works disappeared in collective labour under socialist wage- levelling of the Ministry of Geology,sank in geolodgy reports, explaining-forecasting memoranda on the results of geophysics works.Simultaneity,during my leaves of absense,holidays,weekends was occupied with speleogy.There was a cherished dream to find the biggest and most deep karst cavity.In 1984, July, together with my comrade Igor Belokrys ( now Lavrov) found ourselves by chance in the Soth-West spurs of the mountain ridge Gisarsky in the Middle Asia nearby the sheer lime stone massif at an altitude of about 4,000 m.There in the massif Hodjha-Gur-Gur-Ata, in the sheer cliffs of a height of up to 300 m. we came upon a number of entries into a cave labyrinth going into the mountain ridge entrails not explored up to now, whose length is about 60 km.For 6 years a few tens of kilometers of undergroundpassages with glaciers, brooks,wells were mapped through labour of dozens of speleolodgists. Concluded thet the marked fim was executed by me to some extent.In 1990 explored these caves last time.In thet year I left geology. Something connected with processes in our country made me look for new directions.Some time of my activities in commerce determined formy thatmy ideas on moral connection between people and the main rules of relation between people gathered by commerce activity vere different.And I step by step shifted my efforts intothe activities whos results you can see in these pages.All my life was determined by adesire to know what was beyond the next turn.This I make now.I would coll the most part of my works polyconceptual. It means that they should provoke different considerations,concepts from different people according to their mood, attitude,intellect.The giveen names are relative, it is just a toll to the persons that want to have all already named.