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The purposes of a site:
1. Simply read, look, I not strongly shall take offence, if you will state the critical remarks in essence.
2. The invitation to exhibition activity is possible. I can present within the limits of hundred tiny sculptures. And it is possible it is more. Of you: guarantees, payment of moving, transportation, residing. Other details during negotiation.
3. If at you has appeared desire to get something. The prices for sculptures not certain(determined). Can name the price, there can be she(it) me will arrange on that moment, when you offer. The majority of my works practically is complex(difficult) for repeating because of complexity to pick up a similar natural stone. Though also there are variants of possible(probable) copying close to the original. In some cases, in the best variant, it is possible to repeat only form. The details of a structure of a stone will differ visually appreciablly from the primary original.
4. If there is a desire to order something. I can execute of any complexity work from a natural firm stone except for 10 on a scale Мооса. I prefer in limits hardness 5-9 on a scale Мооса. Anyone complicated. The size is defined(determined) by the available size of raw material.
All questions and comments please mail to
e-mail :
e-mail to Sergei Matrenin